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FAQ-1999-11-30-01 : How can I store and replay a session ?

You can produce a tracefile, and then playback the entire session from start to finish by specifying the tracefile instead of a host to connect to.

#produce the tracefile to the /tmp/trace.log file

tn5250 -t /tmp/trace.log -u bgi400

#playback the trace file

tn5250 -u debug:/tmp/trace.log

Beware,  the tracefile may get very large, and may contain sensitive information such as the password used to log in.

Tip : reduce the tracefile size

You can filter debugging information from the file :

grep "^@" /tmp/trace.log > /tmp/smaller-trace.log


FAQ-1999-12-01-01 :  What is the last available version ?

The last version is 0.15.3-1 (Build Date: Wed Nov 24 16:20:13)

FAQ-1999-12-01-02 :  Where can I get it (sources, binaries, packages) ?

You can find sources in one backup compressed file (tar-gzip format) or RPM file (RedHat Package Manager).

Backup compressed file

Choose your version and download it at

RPM file

Henri Gomez wrote :

You can get sources and binaries in the RPM (RedHat Package Manager) format at :

Built under Redhat 5.2 + Updates + RPM 3.0.2 and work under RH 5.x and 6.x.

Signed with my PGP Key (PGP Key can be found at )

Uploaded also to so soon on all contrib mirrors

Name        : tn5250                       Relocations: /usr
Version     : 0.15.3                            Vendor: (none)
Release     : 1                             Build Date: Wed Nov 24 16:20:13
Install date: Wed Nov 24 16:20:46 1999      Build Host: css5.cs
Group       : Applications/Networking       Source RPM: tn5250-0.15.3-1.src.rpm
Size        : 241368                           License: GPL
Packager    : Henri Gomez <>
URL         :
Summary     : 5250 Telnet protocol and Terminal
Description :
tn5250 is an implementation of the 5250 Telnet protocol.
It provide 5250 library and 5250 terminal emulation.
* Wed Nov 24 1999 Henri Gomez <>

FAQ-1999-12-01-03 : What is the version log ?

- 0.15.3

  When using --with-slang configure option, no longer cores after signon
  When using debug:tracefile syntax, no longer cores after signon screen.
  Fixed assertion found by Sean Porterfield regarding 132-column display.
  Slight work to reduce number of screen updates, although this isn't
  Some work on solidifying the lib API.

* Thu Nov 18 1999 Henri Gomez <>

- 0.15.2

 Field Exit and Field + are now seperate functions. '+' in numeric field
  maps to Field +.  Field + changes the sign of the number like it should.
- Re-implemented transmitting signed fields to host.
- Re-implemented Field -.
- Numeric Only and Signed Number field types are handled according to spec
  now, even though the spec is really weird about how they are handled
  (The last digit's zone is changed on Numeric Only on Field -/+, but the
  sign position is changed from ' ' to '-' with Field -/+, and the zone
  shift for that one takes place at transmit.)
- Now ignore garbage keys again.  Why are we getting two decimal 410s when
  we type the first character?  This doesn't make sense unless it's related
  to how we detect the xterm.

* Wed Nov 17 1999 Henri Gomez <>

- 0.15.1

- 3/4ths of the restructuring to make it feasible to use lib5250 for display
  services for applications has been done.
- Lots of cleanup - no longer has duplicate field value data, nor does it
  many different componenets having a different perception of what the
  field is.
- Implemented terminal bells.  Whistles yet to come.
- Some minor stuff.  Field Exit Required fields now require field exit, for

* Tue Nov 02 1999 Henri Gomez <>

- 0.14

- Full FreeBSD support, see the README and other files in the freebsd/
  directory.  Special thanks to Scott Klement for this (I've put his name
  over the ChangeLog for this -- this way, it's not _my_ fault <g>).
- Linux-specific files moved to linux/ subdir.
- README files updated - now more clear on how to set up X Windows support.
- Field Minus sequence (Esc+M) added.
- Dup key support added.
- Small field exit bug fixed.
- Help key/aid code implemented.
- Fix per Carey Evans for handling right-blank fields.
- Reset key now works even when keyboard is locked.  Possible but unlikely
  where reset key could cause the next keystroke to be ignored is fixed.
- C programs which use stdin/stdout will now clear the input line properly.
- A small fix to format table handling code with the Repeat to Address
  This problem may never have been observed, but hey...

* Wed Oct 06 1999 Henri Gomez <>

- updated Readme

Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
EMAIL :         (. .)
PGP KEY : 4912D659    ...oOOo..(_)..oOOo...
PGP Fingerprint : 8CAD0D50356DA7E45C540B010FFE39E8


FAQ-1999-12-07-03 : How do I play the specific AS/400 keys (CLEAR, FIELDEXIT, SYSREQ, TESTREQ, ATTN, DUP, etc.) ?

Extract from tn5250 manual pages (You can get the whole by entering "man tn5250" at the linux shell prompt) :

       This  manual assumes that the user is familiar with a real 5250 terminal, or another 5250 emulator,
       and only describes features relevant to tn5250 itself.

   Keyboard Mapping
       The following table lists the 5250 functions implemented by  tn5250,  and  the  corresponding  key­
       presses.   Keys are represented as Emacs does: C-a means hold Ctrl and press A, M-a means press Esc
       or C-g followed by A, and C-M-a means press Esc or C-g followed by C-a.

       Function     Keypress
       F1 - F10     f1 to f10, M-1 to M-
       F11          f11 [1], M--
       F12          f12 [1], M-=
       F13 - F24    f13 to f24 [1], M-! to M-+
       Enter        return, enter, C-j, C-m
       Left         left
       Right        right
       Up           up
       Down         down
       Roll Up      next, pagedown, C-d, C-f
       Roll Down    prev, pageup, C-b, C-u
       Backspace    backspace [1]
       Home         home, C-o
       End          end
       Insert       insert, M-i, M-delete
       Delete       delete [1]
       Reset        C-r, M-r
       Print        C-p, M-p
       Help         M-h
       SysReq       C-c, M-s
       Clear        M-c
       FieldExit    C-k, C-x, M-x
       TestReq      C-t
       Toggle       M-t
       Erase        C-e
       Attn         C-a, M-a
       Dup          M-d
       Field+       + [2], same as FieldExit
       Field-       M-m, - [2]
       NewLine      C-M-j
       Next Field   tab, C-i
       Prev Field   backtab [1]
       Refresh      C-l, M-l
       Quit         C-q

       [1]    Which keys generate f11-f24, backtab, backspace and delete is very dependent on the configuration of the terminal.
       [2]    + and - only work as Field+ and Field- in signed numeric fields.

FAQ-1999-12-09-01 : Where can I find an OS/400 V4Rx command reference ?